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the luggage sockthe luggage sock
Bored with your basic black suitcase? Embarrassed by your strangely patterned flower luggage? Can't spot your bag on the carousel or taken home the wrong bag? Owner of dusty, dirty or damaged luggage? Need extra protection to help secure your checked or carry-on suitcase?

We thought so.

Accepted for use by the Transportation Security Administration ("TSA"), the luggage sock is a unique luggage cover that is custom designed to slip over, hug, help protect, and style up all sizes of manufactured models of the basic Upright or Pullman cases.

The Upright or Pullman cases (two or 4 wheeled) are characterized by having the wheels on one short end, with a telescoping handle on the opposite end for pulling the case behind you. Based on this standard suitcase design and the stretch nature of the material we use, you can easily slip this luggage cover on (and off) with maximum ease, completely change the look of your luggage within seconds and roll your way off to your travel destination.

The fabrics used are all durable stretch materials such as spandex (think swimsuit), medium to heavy weight cotton (almost canvas-like), velvet, or wool-like blends (think men's suit fabrics). Check each fabric posting for a description of the material prior to ordering. All fabrics are easily washable - cold, no bleach, drip dry, no dryer.

As we custom make each and every single cover we sell, all you need to do when ordering is select from a host of colors, patterns and stretch materials and then input the specific dimensions of your luggage. And then we will do the rest!